UK Declaration of Conformity

UK Declaration of Conformity

The UK Declaration of Conformity is a contract between the manufacturer and the customer under UK law stating compliance to all relevant UK requirements. Based on the EU Declaration of Conformity which would be required for equipment being supplied to the EU the certificate.
The example here is what might be used, being the same as the EU DoC with Atex specific information taken out.

It would contain: As any legal document the basics of the UK declaration of conformity would be expected to include:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer and certificate holder
  • Similarly for any Authorised Representative where appropriate
  • Similarly for any Certifying Body that carried out conformity assessment
  • Equipment details such as Product name, part numbers And description.
  • Details of relevant standards including date of issue
  • Signed and dated by the responsible/competent person
  • Position of the signee

Note: THe UK Doc is a generic document usually tying up with a specific Type Certificate and therefore as long as the products are identified in line with the Type Certificate e.g. using family names or range of part numbers, then such information as serial numbers do not need to be included.

The EU declaration of Conformity must be supported with a technical file with details of justification.